Trail Cam Video: Can You Guess What this Black Bear is Doing?


OutdoorHub contributor Bernie Barringer loves to pursue black bears during hunting season, and he enjoys studying them whenever the animals are out of their dens. He recently sent us an interesting and informative trail cam video of several black bears that are spending time on his property in Minnesota.

Bernie says the bears on his land use this rubbing tree as a scent marker. “It gets a lot of attention. Big boars mark it hoping to attract a sow, and a sow will often sit nearby and wait for a boar.”

The footage below was filmed with a Covert Red Maverick Scouting Camera. The video quality is impressive for a trail cam costing less than $200.

This video is great because you’ll see many different bears, from small to extra large. Judging black bear size is always difficult for hunters, especially in low light. Here, pay particular attention to how the bears measure up to each other by comparing their back line (when each animal is on all four legs) to the two small branches on the right side of the rubbing tree. Can you identify the biggest bears? (Spoiler alert: A true giant shows up at the 3:28 mark and then reappears later.)

Watch the video and we think you’ll agree – bears are cool.

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