Video: Hurricane Hog Hunting With a .577 Nitro Express Double Rifle in South Florida


Lets head down to South Florida and do a little hurricane hog hunting, are you game?

In this video, we join Doug Giles and Glenn Kendall as they hunt South Florida just days after Hurricane Isaac blew through, pouring 18 inches of rain on the area.

Using their 9.3 x 74R and .577 Nitro Express double rifles, Glenn and Doug spot and stalk free range wild boar and absolutely lay the hammer down on 4 nice hogs.

Feral pigs are an invasive species that destroy Americas woodlands, and cause massive crop damage. America’s wild pig population is exploding at an unprecedented rate, more than doubling in size and range in the past 20 years. Hunting hogs appears to be the most effective – and cost efficient – way to control their numbers.

If you’re ready to do a bit of shooting, check out the video below:

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