Bush Plane Video: Shortest Riverbank Landing You’ll Ever See


Even though I’m a bit of a nervous flyer when the weather is dicey and the aircraft is small, I still enjoy heading into a hunting or fishing camp in a bush plane. In fact, next week I’ll be boarding a float plane in eastern Manitoba for a short flight into Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. (Stay tuned to OutdoorHub for upcoming articles about my 3-day fishing adventure.)

While high winds can certainly be a challenge to bush plane pilots, at times the wind speed and direction allows them to perform takeoffs and landings that wouldn’t be possible under other conditions. Case in point: Check out how this skilled pilot makes use of strong headwinds to land his bush plane on a riverbank with virtually no runway. He drops the plane from the sky like a helicopter. Amazing!


P.S. To watch a wonderful film from YETI about another amazing mountain pilot, click here.

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