Video: Australian Fisherman Plays Tug-of-War with a Shark, then Tells It to “F— Off”


An Australian fisherman emphatically showed a great white shark who’s boss, then told it to “f— off” after it tried to steal his fish – only in Australia . . .

It all took place in Port Pirie, South Australia, where Nicholas Wilks filmed his father, David, engaged in a classic tug-of-war with a 10-foot great white shark, The Telegraph reports.

The shark had apparently been antagonizing the two anglers while they were hauling in their nets, and was devouring all their fish before they could even get them in the boat – David was about to go full Australian on this shark.

After several attempts to make the shark go away, David finally gave it a swift right hook on the nose, and the shark did not appreciate this. It followed by clamping down on the net and began tugging on the net as if to say, “Come in the water and say that to my face.”

The footage of this incident has been cycling around the internet as of late and has become quite popular. You can view this now viral tug-of-war match in the video below:

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