We see close call videos all the time of humans being charged by animals. Often times, the animals back down at the last second because the person being charged does all the right things and stands up to the charging animal, but that gives a very false representation of just how unpredictable wild animals can be.

In this video Richard Wesley was hunting black bear when he suddenly found himself face-to-face with every hunters worst nightmare.

Here’s the gripping footage:

Talk about intense!

In Richard’s own words, here is what he had to say about the bear attack on his YouTube channel:

“I am so happy after this confrontation with a black bear during our spring hunt. No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down. Genuinely happy that this was a non fatal or tragic outcome. Proving that the black bear is a wild and unpredictable animal. Again so happy with the outcome.”

This video has gained a lot of attention from hunters all over the world. Cameron Hanes saw the footage and posted about it on his Instagram account:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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