Carrier Pigeon Caught Smuggling Drugs in Tiny Backpack


A carrier pigeon in Kuwait was apprehended after it was discovered carrying a tiny backpack filled with drugs, according to reports.

The feathered drug smuggler was caught by Kuwaiti customs while it was flying close to the Iraqi border, Al Arabiya English reports.

Photos were posted to the news site’s Twitter showing the bird wearing a curious blue pouch on its back cut open to show the pills it contained. The pills were identified as a type of ketamine, an anesthetic commonly referred to as a “club drug.”

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, some of the effects of the drug include hallucinations and amnesia.

As you would expect, social media had a field day with this one, producing several GIFS, memes and plenty of clever remarks about the Kuwaiti pigeon:

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