Mom Finds Giant Foreign Spider in Her Son’s Bedroom


A mom in metro Detroit found a “monster” spider in her son’s bedroom Wednesday morning, and one thing is for sure, this spider doesn’t belong in Michigan.

Jillian Duke posted a photo of the Huntsman spider on her Facebook page, and it’s absolutely terrifying. In her words, the spider was so big it “needed a leash.”

Duke posted the photo in the following post:

Huntsman spiders aren’t native to the state of Michigan, or even North America for that matter. They prefer warmer climates such as Australia, Africa and Asia. This big fella likely hitched a ride from somewhere else and somehow ended up in Duke’s home.

Huntsman spiders, which are considered to be one of the largest spiders in the world, aren’t a threat to humans, outside of a possible allergic reaction to its venom.

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