Video: Deer Swimming in Lake Michigan Near Uptown Chicago


During his morning jog, a Chicagoan came across an unexpected sight, a deer swimming in Lake Michigan near Montrose Harbor in uptown Chicago.

According to dna info, the deer was in the water for nearly 45 minutes and appeared to struggle to find a way out. In the video, however, you’ll see the deer eventually make its way up some slippery rocks after a group of geese come along and seemingly coax the deer out of the water. You have to love teamwork!

What’s more unexpected: Seeing a deer in uptown Chicago, or a deer swimming in Lake Michigan in uptown Chicago?

Deer are actually pretty strong swimmers, however, instances like this are quite rare.

“Animals have the ability to surprise us, especially when they’re put in an unusual environment, like an urban environment,” said Seth Magle, director of the Urban Wildlife Institute at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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