In Anchorage, Alaska, a round of golf comes with a complimentary caddie, they just expect you to feed them goodies after they tend the flags for you.

In this video, a black bear in Alaska does his best Mike “Fluff” Cowan impersonation and attempts to tend the flag for a couple golfers. After they shoo the bear off the green, it comes looking for it’s tip.

You can hear one of the men say, “oh no, I have an orange in my bag,” and you can bet the bear had a bead on it. However, the bear comes away with what looks like a sandwich, and that will suffice for the duty it performed.

The men did the right thing by not feeding the bear and just trying to scare it off – minus chucking a golf ball at it – but you can tell this bear has robbed a few golfers in it’s heyday.

Eventually, the bear meanders back into the woods and waits for the next group to play through.

Moral of the story: You better have your A-game when playing golf in Alaska, because standing over a birdie putt with a bear watching you is nerve racking!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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