Video: ‘Jordan Klepper Solves Guns’ Set To Air On Comedy Central This Weekend


According to Deadline, Comedy Central has added an hour long special hosted by Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper called Jordan Klepper Solves Guns, which will air on Sunday, June 11th at 10:00 p.m.

The show is said to “combine elements of documentary film making, comedy and investigative journalism,” with a core focus on the gun control debate.

“This special isn’t just about America’s relationship with guns – it’s about how needlessly toxic the debate around that issue has become,” Klepper said on the special.

Comedy Central wrote the following description of the special on their website:

“Jordan Klepper is an enlightened, progressive, sartorially aware comedian who’s determined to fix America’s gun violence epidemic. As his quest takes him from the nation’s capital to the deep woods home of the Georgia militia and beyond, one thing is clear: If Jordan can’t solve guns, no one can. (Hopefully, this is not true.)”

Even though the trailer somewhat pro gun, we remain skeptical about the picture a comedy show will paint about guns. Make no jokes about it, the debate on gun control is red hot in America these days. As pro gun folks, it’s important that we stand strong, keep relaying the facts and not give into the anti’s gun control antics.

Here is the trailer of the show, but keep in mind, above everything else this is supposed to be comedy:

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