Speaking of close calls, here’s another one. . .

Take a moment to get a mental image of your grandma in your head. If she’s like mine, a very sweet and kind face should be flashing through your imagination.

Now, watch this video and see if you can imagine your grandma pulling this off:

It’s like the old lady chainsaw massacre. . .  and that is exactly why you never give granny a chainsaw.

On a more serious note, this woman is lucky to be alive after this. We could harp on her about wearing proper eye protection – and not wearing your pj’s to cut down a tree – but none of that would have protected her from that tree that nearly smashed her in the head. Please leave the lumber jack stuff to the professionals grandma!

While it looked like she was having fun, we hope she doesn’t get her hands on that chainsaw again, because we would hate to see this go wrong.



Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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