After an intense and passionate debate, the votes were in to pass along four bills that would remove the restriction of requiring a license to carry a concealed handgun, and also make training optional for people living in the state of Michigan.

According to Click On Detroit, the primary bill passed 59 to 49 and the bills are now on their way to the state Senate.

The question now being asked; Is less training a good idea?

Proponents say the $115 permit is not necessary, as you can already open carry in Michigan without a permit.

Steve Dolunt, retired assistant chief for the Detroit Police Department, said, “I believe in the Second Amendment and I believe you have the right to carry a firearm, but I also believe I have the right to be safe on the street against your carelessness.”

The Detroit Free Press lists the following as the proposed changes in regards to House Bills 4416 – 4419:

• Allow anyone to carry a concealed pistol without having to get a permit or training, except for people who are prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a firearm because of certain criminal convictions.

• Remove carrying a firearm — whether concealed or not — from laws that prohibit carrying dangerous weapons.

• Repeal a provision that allows security guards to only carry a concealed weapon when they’re on duty.

Opponents of these changes say not requiring concealed carry licenses, and the training to get them for that matter, poses great dangers to police officers and the community they protect.

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