This video might be the stuff of nightmares for some folks, but it might just ease your fears about drowning in your waders.

You might recall the first time you went fly fishing or duck hunting and received the warning about letting your waders fill up with water. It might have even sounded something like this: “Be careful not to fall or let water get into your waders, because once you do, you’re doomed and will sink straight to the bottom.”

Exactly what you want to hear while slipping on your rubber death overalls, right?

Well, if you’ve had a similar experience and find yourself breaking out in a nervous sweat every time you put on your waders, this video will be a relief for you.

Pennington County’s Sheriff’s Office tested this theory at South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks water course for law enforcement, and you can see what happens in their demonstration video below:

Well, there you have it; it appears this myth has been busted, but is this video demonstration enough evidence for you to feel comfortable on the river?

Don’t forget, on a hunt or while fishing, you’re typically carrying a lot of gear on your back, the water is often freezing cold, and everything is so unpredictable in the field. You might fall over because you tripped and are able to get right back up on your feet, or you might have bumped your head and not be able to pull yourself from the fast-moving current under your feet.

The video caused quite a debate in the comments, and we believe people are mainly upset over the authenticity of this test. It doesn’t give a very accurate representation of a real life situation in the field, and we believe that’s what got folks all fired up.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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