Video: Shooting Through A Lamborghini Huracan with a 20MM


Car junkies shield your eyes, this video might make you cringe.

First, you’ll fall in love with the car – for obvious reasons – and then you’ll start sweating when you find out what Edwin Sarkissian is going to do with it.

With the help of Mark Serbu standing close by, Edwin attempts to shoot through his Lamborghini Huracan (a $200,000 car, no big deal) with a 20MM and ultimately blow up a couple watermelon in the distance.

Can he make the shot? Better yet, can you watch the whole video without burying your face in your hands?

It’s time to find out, enjoy!:

Also, watch Edwin and Mark shoot a motorcycle to pieces (don’t worry it’s a Honda not a Harley) in the video below:

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