A professional runner in Auburn, Maine outran two black bears while training in the woods just this week.

Moninda Marube, a professional runner from Kenya, was out for a casual 18-mile run through the woods when he encountered two black bears on his path.

Marube told the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal, “I saw them crossing the road ahead of me. When they spotted me, they stopped and I stopped.”

“I had to make a quick decision: either to climb up this tree or to run back or run to the lake,” Marube continued. “Cause I was not going to fight them.”

Marube decided to rely on his strengths: running.

He turned and sprinted down the road to a nearby house he passed while running. With the bears chasing him, Marube narrowly made it into the house’s screened in porch and closed the door behind him.

“I’ve been running this road for four years. I’ve never thought of meeting a bear here,” Marube told the Sun Journal.

Watch the interview with Moninda talking about his encounter below:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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