The 2017 ICAST Show (the world’s largest sportfishing trade show) is ready to roll this week in Orlando, Florida, and industry insiders are excited to see many of the latest and greatest fishing products on the market.

One lure that has already created significant pre-show buzz is the new Rapala RipStop. In my opinion, chances are good that this new lure will be a serious contender in ICAST’s “Best of Show” awards in the coveted “Best Hard Lure” category.

What do you need to know about the new RipStop?

 According to the diehard anglers/designers at Rapala, it’s a cross between a swimbait and a jerking, twitching bait that suspends. It features both a front diving lip and a never-before-seen rear boot tail. The dual tail design creates a fast-ripping, flashing swimbait action with hard-stopping, forward motion that stops on a dime, with a subtle shimmy before coming to a rest. Then, it ever so slightly lifts its head with a super slow-rise.

“Those characteristics and the new bait’s ability to ‘stop on a dime’ make the RipStop unique,” said Brandon Palaniuk, a seven-time Bassmaster Classic competitor. “If you watch a live baitfish swim around, it’s often in a stop-and-go type of motion. This bait has that ability to stop right on the spot.”

The RipStop’s unique hard-plastic-boot tail, which creates a hard-rolling and slashing action, mimics the live-minnow moves of a soft-plastic swimbait. But it’s not a hybrid; it doesn’t incorporate soft plastics into the lure. It’s a hard bait with a soft-bait action.

“That’s something fish have never seen before,” said 2013 Forrest Wood Cup Champion Randall Tharp. “We’ve never had a hard bait with a boot tail molded into it. That feature of the bait creates its unique action.”

Weighing 1/4-ounce, RipStops cast far with little effort and dive up to 3 feet. Featuring modified flat-sided bodies, they cut easily through the water and give off maximum flash. Their two-part plastic construction includes non-inserted lips. Containing no rattles, they swim silently. RipStops come armed with two sticky-sharp, light-wire VMC Treble Hooks. They measure 3.5 inches and are available in 14 color patterns. Retail price: $9.99

Check out the video below to see the new Rapala RipStop in action!

Top image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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