Firearm safety offered as a class in high school? Where do we sign up?

Lawmakers in Wisconsin have been tossing around an idea that could eventually see public schools in the state offer gun safety training as an elective, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Students would get hands on training and learn how to handle a wide range of guns – from handguns to rifles.

The bill, which was introduced last week, would allow schools to offer on-site gun education classes, its purpose is simply to promote gun safety and and boost participation in trap shooting, Rep. Ken Skowronski said.

The bill also comes with a list of requirements, such as a instructors who have proof of previous training in firearm safety. Also, to the concern of some folks, the bill would NOT change a current law that prohibits live ammunition and its use on school property – can’t leave that important note out.

As of last week, the bill reportedly had 23 Assembly co-sponsors.

How do you feel about your children being offered a gun safety class in high school?

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