Okay, with all the video we’ve been seeing this week of muskie feeding on unusual prey, we want to hear the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on the lake.

It started with a video of a muskie holding a good-sized northern pike in it’s razor sharp teeth. Now, if you weren’t taken by surprise after seeing that video, well then you’ve spent more time on the water than I have, but this next video shows a pretty rare encounter we think you’ll find pretty interesting.

Kathy Starry posted the video on Facebook taken by her son, Brad, 13, who had been fishing on his grandma’s dock with his brother, Tyler, 10, when they saw a massive fish swimming their way.

At first, it’s hard to tell whether the boys are excited about the size of the fish swimming right up to them or what’s in the fish’s mouth. As you’ll see in moment, the muskie swam right underneath the boys – holding a still-fighting muskrat tightly in it’s jaws.

The boys could hardly contain their excitement, but Brad was able to get good video of the fish:

How’s that for a bizarre sight on the lake?

Now we ask you to list off the strangest things you’ve ever seen on a lake. Ready? Go!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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