Video: Protesters Harass Fishermen for Fishing at a Park in Florida


There’s a right way to handle certain situations, and then there’s these folks who have it all wrong.

This video shows a group of rogue animal rights activists disturbing the peace, causing a dramatic scene at a park, and committing a crime, all over a couple of guys fishing.

Here is the original video that has been going around the internet:

According to WTSP, the animal rights group called Direct Action Everywhere had a child approach the fishermen fist. The boy told the two anglers that fishing hurts fish and asked them to stop.

The two men didn’t really have a reaction to the boy, and that’s about when things got heated.

From the perspective of Kayla Leaming – one of the protesters with DAE – she says the men were “extremely hostile” towards the boy and “laughed in his face.”

Here is another video showing more of the heated altercation and the moment one of the protesters steals a fish and throws it back in the water. The anglers did the right thing by not engaging with the protesters and calling the police instead.

How would you handle this situation?:

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