Take a second and think of your happy place. Now, for most of you, it’s probably up in a treestand somewhere, or hovering over your favorite honey-hole on your bass boat, but for a hungry bobcat, well, its happy place is a little more smelly.

This was the scene Charles Felchak discovered when he walked up to one of his gut piles on his Felchak River Ranch. A bobcat was elbow deep in a carcass, having an all-you-can-eat feast for one.


Bobcat in my gut pile at Felchak River Ranch

Posted by Charles Felchak on Saturday, July 8, 2017

Did you see how happy that cat is on the pile? The bobcast is so content in its jackpot find, that it doesn’t even bother to look up at Felchak in between bites.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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