Introducing the Guinness World Record Largest Super Soaker. Measuring 7 feet long and capable of shooting water at speeds up to 272 mph, this thing definitely COULD shoot Ralphie’s eye out.

The builder of this epic water pistol, Mark Rober, explains in the video below how he constructed the gun and the science behind what makes it tick.

Take a look “under the hood” of this massive super soaker and you’ll see right away this is not just your average wimpy squirt gun:

If you want more of the technical details, Mark explains how to find those in the video.

He also runs some simple experiments to test out his new invention, and you won’t believe the power this thing holds! I know one thing, if I’m in a water war and this guy joins in, I’m running for the hills!

Watch and see why in the video below:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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