Australia, can you please stop having animals that want us all dead?

Australians are no strangers to dangerous wildlife, but even the toughest Aussie will shutter at the sight of this Melbourne teenager’s ankles after they’d been chewed on by some mysterious critter while he swam in the ocean.

The New York Times reports 16-year-old Sam Kanizay was soaking his legs after a football match at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton. He was apparently in the water for around 30 minutes, and when he stepped out of the water, his ankles were gushing blood.

Sam was taken to the hospitals for his injures, but doctors and scientists were completely shocked by the severity of the injury.

Officials seem to be placing the blame for this freak incident on a group of hungry crustaceans known as sea lice. These tiny little things are typically parasites of fish, and usually won’t leave more than a pinprick on your skin should you get bit. However, try telling that to Sam, who’s ankles look like minced meat!

Like any parent would, Sam’s father,  Jarrod Kanizay, wanted to look deeper into this extraordinarily bizarre occurrence. He went back to the beach where Sam had been chewed on, and collected a few hungry marine isopods for testing.

In the video below, Jarrod drops a hunk of raw steak into a container holding a bunch of sea lice, and this is what he saw:

(Caution: This video cannot be unseen and is not for those about to eat lunch. If you’re planning on swimming in the ocean anytime soon, you may also want to hold off on watching this.)

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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