When Ben Chancey and Jon Black hooked into a goliath grouper while fishing in a canoe off of Stuart, Florida, the two anglers were in for the fight of their life.

It’s always exciting to see the size of a fish you hooked as its shadow creeps closer and closer to the surface, but when Ben and Jon looked down into the water, they were faced with a daunting sight.

According to WOFL Fox 35 however, the video, which was provided by Chew On This Charters, was actually staged. These two anglers have apparently caught several of these big fish, and just wanted to throw a twist in this time around.

I’d say mission accomplished.

There’s nothing like getting your boat capsized by a giant fish just to throw a wrinkle in things . . .

The fish was reportedly caught and released:

(Don’t forget to turn up the volume)

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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