Video: Malaysians Dangle Baby Ducks Over Water to Entice and Hook Fish


Here’s a fishing method you’ve probably never tried . . .

These Malaysians are dangling baby ducklings over the water to catch fish, but before you start hollering at us saying how this is cruel, watch the video to see their little trick. (Be sure to turn up the volume):

See, the ducks are merely used to attract the fish. Once a fisherman has a fish’s attention with the dangling baby duck, he places a much smaller bait below the duck, and the fish strikes the second offering. It’s really the same concept as using a large jigging spoon with a small dropper while ice fishing, or a large dodger with a small fly while trolling for salmon. Smart!

Imagine the look on their face if you gave these guys a suicide duck lure. You probably wouldn’t be able to get them to walk away from the lake for days!

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