Have you heard of this snake before?

Apparently, they’re quite common in Texas, and are known for being the longest snakes in North America. The Texas Indigo, also referred to as Blue Indigo, can exceed over 10 feet in length.

Despite blue snakes being harmless to humans, people see them in the wild and kill them out of fear. No doubt is seeing one in the wild an impressive site, but what’s more impressive is what these things eat.

In the video below, you can see one of these striking blue snakes dragging a dead rattlesnake away to eat it elsewhere. That’s right, these snakes are apparently imune to rattlesnake venom and, in fact, have made the poisonous snake a staple of its diet.

So, if you see one of these snakes in the field one day, don’t kill it, but check your surroundings because there could be a rattler nearby!

Image is a screenshot from the LiveLeak video

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