Oh Walmart, you’ve done it again. You’ve left many people in America baffled, and burying their heads in their hands.

Customers found this sign above a gun rack at a Walmart that has not yet been identified, and the internet almost exploded with anger:

According to CNNMoney, the company has shamed the display, calling it “truly awful” and “horrible.”

Another spokesperson for Walmart, Charles Crowson, reportedly told The Washington Post, “What’s seen in the photograph would never be acceptable in our stores.” “We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened,” he continued.

The banner appears to be in line with their current superhero-themed marketing campaign, but it’s super safe to say this was not the best sign placement.

The company continues to search for the location where the photo was taken, but they tweeted that the display has been taken down.

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