Have you heard this hunting story before?

This is an instant classic, and you’ll hear a lot of your favorite outdoorsmen and women’s names dropped in this one. After all, it’s not called “The Most Famous Hunting Story Ever Told” for nothing.

You can’t imagine how all of these folks would fit into one hunting story, but listen how:

Kendall Jones, Dr. Grant Woods, John Dudley, Tiffany Lakosky, Bear Grylls, Real Tree, Levi Morgan, Taylor Drury, Adam Laroche, Randy Birdsong, Ted Nugent, Cam Hanes, Chris Lane, Bo Jackson, Matt Duff, Eva Shockey, Tony Vandermore, Michael Waddell, Bill Jordan, Kevin VanDam, Melissa Bachman, Babe Winkelman, Bill Dance, Colt Ford, Si and Willie Robertson all had a little something to do with this awesome hunting tale . . .

One thing is for sure: This guy from Catchin’ Deers has an incredible memory. How in the world does he remember each line of this story?

Be sure to crank up the volume and listen closely!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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