Before we get to the video, a little background. In his own words, here’s Crossfire’s founder, David Vaught (below):


“I served as a Gunners Mate in the U.S. Navy in the early 1990s straight out of high school. After serving, I used my GI Bill as I went through the Police Academy, then on to a college degree. My career path was diverted by a talent for advertising that was exposed in a college elective course. Though my path led me to an amazing 20-year career in advertising, my passion for service has never been diminished. I have stayed active in shooting competitions and live fire, as well as simulated fire exercises with local law enforcement and DOD exercises.

“My wife, Sarah, was the catalyst needed to move Crossfire from my brain and into the real world. I’d just returned home from a day at the gun range. We were standing in the kitchen and she asked, ‘How was it, did you have fun?’

Sarah and David Vaught

“My response was garbled and disgruntled. I complained about the long wait times and the inability to train effectively. I don’t know if she realized at the time what her next few words were going to set in motion, but she said, ‘Why don’t you build your own range?’

“This November will be 4 years from the day Sarah and I hired Stuart Mullen with Range Development Services, Inc., and since that day we have poured out hearts, soul and bank account into this project. We are betting the farm on it — literally and metaphorically. I refuse to compromise, and we are cutting no corners. We are building a training philosophy. We went into this like a child building a fort in the woods with an escape hatch and an elevator. NOTHING was left out.

“Our facility is a few minutes (5 at most) from Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Our address is 801 Patriot Way, Flower Mound, TX, 75028. And yes, we built and got to name the road Patriot Way.

“The result is a 43,000-sq-ft indoor training facility unlike anything that has been built, at least that I am aware of. Under this roof, we have a robust retail store, static and dynamic shooting ranges, a CrossFit affiliate gym, and a martial arts studio for Jiu-Jitsu, as well as basic self-defense classes.

“We are a defense academy, and, as such, we want a firearm to be the last option, not the first. We want to teach fitness, defense, and how to shoot under stress when other options fail. We will be open to the public, and offer memberships for fitness, martial arts, the shooting range, as well as memberships that are a combination of services.”

As David says, it sounds like Crossfire will be unlike any other indoor training facility in the country. And it’s veteran owned and operated — nice!

Stay tuned to OutdoorHub for a follow-up story after Crossfire Defense Academy & Range opens its doors soon.

Editor’s note: The video below was produced by Greater Texas Capital Corporation, which is David and Sarah Vaught’s Small Business Association (SBA) lender. According to David: “When they heard our story and what we wanted to do, they were very excited and wanted to be a part of the project.”

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