Falling right in line with what we saw from the ocean’s surface temperatures, the Great Lakes are also reportedly much cooler than normal at this time of year, and that indicates the possibility of a frosty cold winter.

As reported by mlive, the average water temperatures are between 3 and 5 degrees cooler than this time last year. Right now, southern Lake Michigan has water temperatures between 70 degrees and 74 degrees, compared to previous data showing temps of 73 degrees to 77 degrees on Aug. 21, 2016.


Great Lakes
Image courtesy NOAA


Does this mean you will freeze during hunting season?

Not exactly.

See, when the Great Lakes water temperatures are warmer, they actually serve a much bigger role than just a dreamy destination spot for your summer vacations. The warm lake water actually warms cold air masses blowing south from Canada, so you can imagine what will happen when there isn’t any warm air to meet the frigid air blowing in from the North.

It’s not a guarantee that winter temperatures will plummet well below negative this season, but it sounds like Michiganders won’t get any benefit from lake effect this season.

Image courtesy NOAA

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