Video: Ever Wonder How Animals Get Crushed by Falling Trees? Watch This Video


Logging is dangerous work, especially for timber fallers. In this video, we get a great example of why that is, and it might also explain how animals sometimes fall victim to falling trees.

Unforgiving terrain, heavy tools, and a lot of equipment, all play a role in making this job difficult and deadly. But, what really makes this job dangerous is the unpredictability.

Now, timber fallers go through a lot of training to learn how not to drop trees on top of them, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. As you’ll see watching the Facebook video, Jeremy Cadotte was working to cut this tree down when it suddenly split and began falling apart in large chunks – and right down on Jeremy’s head! (Remember to turn up the volume for the best viewing experience.)

Luckily, Jeremy was able to escape this mess through some quick thinking and even quicker evading moves, but this also demonstrates how some animals can be crushed by falling trees.

See, not all trees hit the forest floor in one intact piece. As you saw, this tree seemed to be rotted from the inside, and that might explain why it broke apart like it did.

It would almost have to be a perfect storm, but if a rotten tree were to blow down during some high winds, it could easily break apart just like this one did and topple over onto an elk or deer without it ever seeing it coming . . .

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