Shots Fired at 2 Groups of Rock Climbers in Little Cottonwood Canyon


Police in Utah are searching for someone, or a group of people who fired multiple shots at two separate rock climbers in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon on Monday.

KUTV reports Nate Lamb was climbing with a friend, when suddenly the rock face they were scaling exploded and was hit by seven to 10 gun shots. Lamb told KUTV he thought the bullets were hitting around five to 10 feet away from him, which I imagine seems a lot closer when you’re stuck on the side of a mountain with no where to go.

There weren’t any injuries, but Unified Police did recover shell casings at the scene.

Lamb apparently got a quick glimpse of a green sedan driving away once he was settled in a safe position up on the cliff. His friend said he saw multiple car doors open, so it’s believed police are looking for multiple gunmen.

Anyone with any information about the shooting, who may have seen or heard anything around that time, is asked to contact UPD at 801-743-7000.

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