Video: King County Detective Suspended After Holding Motorcyclist at Gunpoint


A veteran detective with the King County Sheriff’s Department in Washington has been suspended after a helmet-cam video surfaced showing a detective pointing a gun and grabbing a motorcyclist during what looked like a routine traffic stop.

Kiro 7 News reports Alex Randall posted the video on YouTube and Reddit, and it took off from there.

You can watch the video below:

(Warning: Strong language; Viewer discretion is advised)

The officer states he pulled Randall over for “wreckless driving,” and you can see he even pulled Randall’s wallet out of his pocket himself. “At no point did he give me his name, at no point did he give me his badge,” Randall said according to Kiro 7.

Sheriff John Urquhart has said he will not tolerate such behavior, and will take “swift action.”

Urquhart plans to use the video as a teaching tool, and will show it to every single new police recruit to show them “specifically what they’re not allowed to do.”

The detective has since been identified by the King County Sheriff’s Office as 53-year-old Richard Rowe.

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