Another Strange Muskie Attack on a Minnesota Lake Leaves Young Girl Shaken and Bloody


Another bizarre attack on a Minnesota lake has residents both scared and a little confused . . .

According to KBJR6, a 22-year-old girl was sitting on a dock enjoying the lake, when she looked down to see a big mouth “coming out of the water,” Dougherty Haldorson said.

Apparently, Dougherty had been wearing a metal ankle bracelet, and that combined with the figure 8 motion of her feet hanging off the dock was enough to trigger a muskie to strike her foot.

“I just never thought that it would happen to me personally or even someone I knew,” Dougherty said.

Back in July, we saw an 11-year-old who had to get 25 stitches after a muskie grabbed her leg, but are you ready for the kicker?

These strange attacks occurred on the same lake . . .

Yup, it appears Island lake, which is said to be the highest muskie-populated waterways in St. Louis County, is not only stocked full of muskies, but predators with a serious foot fetish problem.

Take a look at the photos after Dougherty had been bitten:

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