Video: Tiger on the Loose Shot by Authorities After Attacking Dog in Homeowner’s Backyard


A tiger was reportedly on the loose in a metro Atlanta neighborhood, and authorities still aren’t quite sure where it came from . . .

According to WSB-TV 2, when residents spotted the tiger roaming around the block, Henry County Police dispatch started ringing off the hook with calls reporting a jungle cat in their backyard.

Police responded to the scene, where they saw and confirmed they were dealing with a real – and fairly large – tiger.

Henry County Captain Joey Smith explains in the YouTube video below, how officers attempted to get DNR/animal control professionals on the scene to help with the situation, however, the tiger jumped a fence and went after a dog in someone’s backyard.

The officers were then forced to shoot the animal, because they feared the homeowner may run out to try and save the dog.

Here’s the video detailing exactly what happened:

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