Video: Eric Chesser Explains How To Remove Tenderloins Using the Gutless Method


Knowledge is power, and knowing how to get things done after harvesting an animal is one of the most essential parts of hunting.

If you follow Hush Life‘s videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen some of their great how-to content already. These guys know how to get it done, so if you’re looking to expand your knowledge on breaking down an animal, pay attention.

In this video, Eric Chesser explains how to remove the tenderloins using the gutless method. The gutless method is fast and easy, requiring only a knife – even on big game such as elk and moose. The best part: It’s clean, lightens the load, and gets meat cooling as fast as possible.

As Eric says, “how to remove the tenderloins” is one of the most popular questions they get on their video, and it’s no surprise, because it really is the best tasting meat on the animal!

We’ll let Eric take it from here, so grab your pen and start making notes:


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