Press Conference Turns to Chaos After Tick on Display Goes Missing


On September 4, at a press conference at the Miyazaki Prefectural Government office in Mainichi, Japan, two ixodid ticks were on display as part of the prefectural government’s efforts to warn people about “severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome,” (SFTS) which is spread by ixodid ticks.

The conference had been running smoothly, until someone noticed one of the two ticks had gone missing. . .

Mainichi states the tick was brought to the conference by a prefectural government employee, and was left on a sheet of paper next to a second ixodid tick that was already dead from sucking some blood.

When the blood sucking insect was discovered missing, the room turned into complete chaos.

Journalists and other governmental employees began frantically searching for the tick, but it was never found. In an effort to eliminate the threat, the prefectural government unleashed two types of insecticide in the press room.

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