Photos: Hungry Wolf in Hot Pursuit of Alberta Whitetail


Hot pursuit! When a big Alberta whitetail buck jumped into a lake to escape a hungry wolf, photographer David Smith was fortunate to capture the scene, frame by frame.

“The [deer] jumped out of the bush, and the wolf jumped right in after it and tried to swim and bite it,” Smith said. “This probably went on for a minute and then the wolf turned around,” Smith stated according to CBC Canada.

The wolf eventually gives up, figuring his odds of killing a deer in the middle of a lake aren’t in his favor. . . guess he’ll have to find another soggy meal.

It was truly a moment that Smith will remember forever. Normally, he’s accustomed to shooting landscapes, so imagine the rate of his heart beat when this action broke out in front of him.

You can see all the photos that Smith shot in his Facebook album below:

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