Video: Woman Bit Three Times by Copperhead Snake at LongHorn Steakhouse


She ordered a steak, not a snake!

There’s a woman in Virginia who was out to eat at a LongHorn Steakhouse, and had a run in with a copperhead snake.

Rachel Myrick told WTVR she was sitting in the restaurant’s foyer when she felt a throbbing pain in her foot and looked down to see an 8-inch copperhead snake slithering at her feet.

Myrick, who was wearing sandals at the time, said the snake bit her three straight times, and that it originally felt like a bee sting. . . until the pain kicked up a notch.

“I got bit! I got bit!” she began yelling.

Myrick was with her boyfriend, her 13-year-old son, some friends and family when the snake bite occurred.

Her boyfriend, Michael Clem, jumped to action and called for help immediately.

“There was no questions what it was,” Clem stated.

Myrick was taken to a nearby Mary Washington Hospital, where she received treatment for a venomous snake bite. She has since been released, but the damage has already been done. The bite caused swelling pretty much up her entire left leg – from her ankle all the way up to her knee, thigh and hip.

It should be noted, that once restaurant employees found out what was going on, they too jumped into action right away and assisted Myrick in getting medical attention as soon as possible.

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