Video: Finnish Man Hilariously Shouts at a Bear to Scare It Off His Porch


We recently showed you a video of a man in British Columbia who politely asked a group of bears in his backyard to beat it so he could go to work. Well, in this next video, a Finnish man handles a similar situation very differently.

When the man discovers he has a bear on his back porch going through a bag of garbage, he doesn’t beat around the bush or bother to ask it politely to leave. Instead, he bravely opens his back door and begins shouting at the bear to go away.

The bear immediately retreats, but you can clearly see it wants another go at that bag of trash, as it waits in the woods for the man to go back inside.

With the bear barely out of his yard, the man steps outside to retrieve the bag of trash so that the bear won’t come back again. Watch it all unfold in the video below:

Was anyone else slightly concerned about the dog running out after the bear at around the :18 second mark? Judging by the dog’s bark, it sounds like it would merely be an amuse-bouche for that hungry bear!

May we suggest, sir, that you leave Toto inside when dealing with a bear on your back porch. This video could have taken an ugly turn in a hurry if that dog got a sudden rush of courage!

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