Where’s Donald? Evidence Suggests He Ditched Secret Service for a Moose Hunt


After Donald Trump Jr. seemed to momentarily disappear off the face of the planet, Luke Dittrich, a writer for the New York Times was able to do a little bird dogging and track him down. His search lead him to beautiful country in the Canadian wilderness, where Trump Jr. had “escaped” for a bow-hunting trip.

Based on his report, Dittrich said he had a brief phone conversation with a friend in Whitehorse, Canadian’s Yukon Territory, where he said he spotted a man wearing hunting clothes who looked strikingly like President Trump’s oldest son.

The friend noted, however, that the man he thought resembled Donald was not surrounded by an entourage of Secret Service agents protecting him.

Eventually, with some help from his friend, Dittrich was able to pin-point Trump’s location, and found out he had made camp along a river, which means he was likely bowhunting for moose.

Dittrich went on to describe meeting Donald face-to-face at a crowded airport and talks about the brief discussion they had. Also, a selfie may have been taken as well.

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