GRAPHIC VIDEO: Angry Golfer Lashes Out, Decapitates Goose


Golf is a maddening game to play, but if you’re going to act like this guy, there’s simply no place for you on any golf course. . .

The video, which was reportedly taken in Finland, starts with a man lining up his swing, and hovering a club right behind the head of what appears to be a barnacle goose – a breed of geese commonly found in European countries.

The man takes the club back and violently lashes down at the goose’s head, completely decapitating it.

Now, golf is supposed to be a “gentleman’s game,” so there’s absolutely NO tolerance for this type of behavior. If this is how he plans to handle three putting, and double bogeying every hole, we suggest he just turn around and throw his entire golf bag in that pond – and he might as well throw himself in there too, while he’s at it.

We’re pretty confident this is illegal, so hopefully authorities can track him down through the video and charge him accordingly.

Here’s the video, although we have to warn you, some people may find it disturbing:

(Viewer discretion is advised)

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