Graphic Photos: If You Think All Animals Escape a Wild Fire, You’re Wrong


We came across this eye opening Facebook post, and thought you would find it equally interesting.

Full disclosure, the photos below have caused our stomachs to twist and turn a few times, so others may find them disturbing as well. However, we simply couldn’t get over what we saw in these images . . .

Shown below are the burnt hooves of an elk harvested near Missoula, Montana, where a wild fire has now reportedly torched more than 100,000 acres of land.

What we see, though, is one of the toughest animals on the face of this planet, and it pains us to see that it had to suffer like this:

As hunters who have a love and respect for all wildlife, we never want to see an animal go through something like this, but it really gives you a perspective on the strength of these animals.

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