Video: Could Russian SHERP ATVs Soon be Available for Purchase on U.S. Market?


Do you like going wherever the hell you want? Well, then you have to see this . . .

Russians have taken ORVs to a whole other level, and there’s no better way to demonstrate that than by taking a look at their SHERP ATV. With its self inflated tires, the capability of climbing over tall obstacles, swim with ease, and turn like a tank, get ready for a liberating ride through the woods!

The best part though, according to what is said in the video, is these bad-ass miniature tanks might soon be available for purchase in the U.S. market. There are a few hoops that must be jumped through, but from what we gather, it sounds like they’re being shipped to the U.S. without the motors intact, and then being assembled here in America.

So, what’s the background behind these things?

According to Truck Yeah, Alexei Garagashyan was the creator of this vehicle, and it’s built to go wherever you desire, and not designed to quit. They weigh just under 3,000 pounds and can reach a land speed of 28 mph.

To see why there’s so much hype around these vehicles, watch the video to see them in action:

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