Canada Expected to Make Major Changes to Drunk Canoeing Laws


Meanwhile in Canada, it may soon be legal to paddle a canoe and enjoy a few drinks at the same time.

As the National Post reports, paddling a canoe while bombed is still not a very good idea, but if you live in Canada, you may not have to worry about it costing you a suspended driver’s license and impounded car anymore . . .

At the very core of this issue, legislators debate whether people under the influence of alcohol should be prosecuted for an act that wouldn’t be considered a crime if it had taken place on land (not driving, of course).

According to the Canadian Safe Boating Council, approximately 375 deaths involving alcohol and vessels such as canoes or rafts occurred in Canada between 1991 and 2010.

We haven’t received an official update on this piece of legislation yet, so until we do, please think before you drink, and refrain from mixing your drinks with the outdoors. Stay safe out there!

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