TrackingPoint Unveils New .50-Cal ‘Mi50’ Precision-Guided Rifle


When your company is based out of Austin, Texas, you always have to be thinking bigger, and that’s exactly what TrackingPoint is doing.

Using one of its electronically controlled sighting systems, paired with a .50-caliber BMG rifle, they created the Mi50 rifle.

The system features a Barrett M107A1 platform and is capable of calculating crucial ballistic information for long-range shots, all at the press of a button. Pressure, temperature, and the Coriolis effect are all taken into account with this system, so all you have to focus on is your target.

In the past, TrackingPoint has only offered precision-guided rifles as powerful as .300 WM and .338 LM, so the .50 cal really represents some of that big thinkin’ we referred too before . . .

Details still remain fairly scarce, however; you can hop over to their Facebook page where they recently announced that they’ve begun taking orders.

Here’s the Facebook post:

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