Video: Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Watch These Hilarious Ghillie Suit Scares


It’s a spooky time of year right now, and the perfect time to throw on a ghillie suit and make a bunch of people shriek!

There’s nothing like embracing a little Halloween spirit, right? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask, because the folks on the receiving end of this spooky little gag probably don’t feel the same way . . .

Here’s what happened: A guy came up with the (brilliant) idea to slip on a ghillie suit, sit along a popular hiking trail, then jump out at people as they walk by.

Now, for a prank like this to be successful, one has to pop out at just the right time in order to maximize the scare factor – that is, unless you’re wearing a menacing-looking suit that makes you look like you just crawled out from the bottom of a swamp!

Watch the hilarious reactions he got when he started jumping out at people:

(and make sure you watch around the 2:16 mark! Grannie tries to get revenge, and it will have you rolling on the floor!)

P.S. We understand that not everyone will think this type of scare prank is funny. In fact, there is even a difference of opinion within the OutdoorHub editorial department. For example, one OHUB staffer says that after watching the clip, he wouldn’t feel sorry for ghillie man if one of his victims carrying a walking stick just happened to (out of reflex, of course) hit him where it really hurts.

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