Video: Meet ‘Fat Mac’, The .950 JDJ Rifle Being Auctioned by RIA


When somebody tells you “bring the big guns,” this is the gun they’re probably talking about.

This here is “Fat Mac,” and it’s a massive rifle chambered in .950 JDJ. For some perspective, we provided a photo that shows the difference between a .556 round and this behemoth .950 JDJ round:

Fat Mac

Now, you’re probably wondering what a rifle this powerful is used for, and the answer is: honestly anything . . .

As stated in the video, the force behind a .950 JDJ round has been compared to a WWI tank or a 20mm cannon, so the options have been left pretty much wide open for what you can do with such a firearm.

(Turn up the volume to hear all about “Fat Mac”)


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