Video: Moose Temper Tantrum Spells Bad News for a Prius


In Alaska, anytime you leave your car outside overnight, you run the risk of a bull moose terrorizing it by morning.

That’s exactly what happened to Alberta Laktonen when she returned home from walking her dog one morning, so she quickly got out her phone and started recording – you know, for the insurance claim she’ll have to make. Is moose coverage a thing?

As summer turns to autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, bull moose go into rut, and raging hormones cause them to smash their antlers into things to impress cow moose. 

According to Laktonen, this moose’s temper tantrum cost her an estimated $5,600 (U.S.) in damage. . . Wonder how the ladies feel about that!?

Only in Alaska, am I right? Here’s the video. (Warning: A word or two at the beginning may not be suitable for work.)

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