Video: Vengeful Raccoon Tries to Spray Cat with Sprinkler


A vengeful raccoon got payback on a grumpy old house cat, and the video (even though it’s from a couple years ago) is absolutely priceless!

It was all caught on a surveillance camera outside a residential home, and it’s almost like a scene out of a cartoon.

The clip begins with a cat shooing the masked mammal down a flight of stairs leading off a deck on the back of the house.

Clearly not thrilled to have a raccoon invade its happy place, the cat lashes out and swats at the raccoon until it retreats. The raccoon scurries down the stairs, shakes off the tussle with the cat, and then waddles over to a sprinkler that’s watering the lawn.

You can almost see the raccoon plot its revenge as it makes its way over to the sprinkler. 

Cats aren’t the biggest fans of water, and this raccoon appears to have figured that out. Watch how it tries to avenge itself in the clip below: 

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