Video: Woman Stunned by Monster-Sized Hog Roaming Through Neighborhood


After seeing a hog this size mosey around an Alabama neighborhood, the only word that comes to mind is OINK!

There are only a handful of other states where you might look out your window and see a massive hog grazing on your front lawn, but it probably won’t be this huge!

That’s the situation Angela Rena was dealing with when she looked out her house window and saw the giant hog on October 26 cruising through her sub in Phenix City, Alabama. She snapped several photos of the pig, then posted them to her Facebook page where they have since taken off in popularity:

Angela even followed the hog for a little while on Facebook Live, and the video received over 4K views:

That’s one gigantic hog! It must be something Alabama puts in the water down there. Remember that time an Alabama man shot an 820-lb hog from his front porch?

Due to the sheer size (chubbiness) of this pig, we’re almost certain it’s an escapee from a local farm. On top of that, the animal appears far too docile to be a wild hog. 

Now, does anybody care to venture how much this piggy weighs?

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